A number of different categories of software commonly used in industry can be distinguished:

Some of the mentioned types of software have been designed specifically for the needs of the industry (eg. SCADA), and some are adaptation of solutions known from other industries (such as Bussiness Intelligence solutions). A common feature of all of the software categories mentioned is their intended use in industry, and hence, high requirements as to reliability and reliability of operation. The main benefit of using the aforementioned computer information systems is to reduce the movement of paper documents, accelerate the exchange of information, increase the impact on the course of the production process and increase the capacity for rapid operator response. All this translates into lower costs and increased profits of the production plant.

Measurable financial benefits are the main reason for implementing such solutions, although one should not overlook the way in which these systems facilitate everyday work.

Due to the fact that Industrial Informatics deals with designing, implementation and training in the field of industrial software and broadly understood Industrial IT, the website will cover topics related to software of various categories related to application, implementation, interesting applications or ideas for a completely new use of computer science in industry.